7th Edition of the International exhibition of machinery, equipment and technologies for mining, coal and construction industry

4-6 October 2022 • Ukraine • Zaporizhia • Kozak-Palace Exhibition Center

Metinvest updated their heavy machinery fleet in 2021

In 2021 the enterprises of Metinvest Kryvyi Rih have implemented an investment program to upgrade their mining machinery to the maximum.
Metinvest updated their heavy machinery fleet in 2021

Here are the key figures from the fleets of Metinvest Kryvyi Rih in 2021.

According to Metinvest Krivoy Rog, the fleet of the Central GOK has expanded in 2021 by seven 130-ton BelAZ. There are 6 new bulldozers at the Northern GOK, and four at the CGOK. Three irrigation machines were purchased at InGOK to combat dust.

Metivest purchased a batch of flatbed FORD TRUCKS

In order to create comfortable and safe conditions for the staff to move around the territory of the enterprises, the North, Central and Ingulets plants have increased their fleet by 20 off-road vehicles on Renault Trucks chassis.

Metivest purchased a big batch of bus trucks on Renault chassis

On the occasion of its anniversary CGOK industrial complex received one more - modern and comfortable Otokar for transportation of employees across the city in addition to their fleet of buses.

MHP selected Otokar Navigo T buses to transport staff