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Zaporozhye Airport served 230 thousand passengers in the first half of 2019

Passenger traffic volume at Zaporizhya Intrenational Airport grew by 33%.

For the first 6 months of 2019, Zaporozhya Airport handled 230 thousand passengers.
In 2018, this figure reached only 177 thousand people. Thus, the total increase in passenger traffic was 33.5%. Like last year, the largest number of passengers took advantage of international flights that makes 173 thousand people (130 thousand people in 2018). For domestic flights more than 57 thousand passengers were handled (47 thousand in 2018), an increase by 20.5%.
In June, 47 thousand people passed through the Zaporizhya International Airport in general, while in 2018 more than 23.5 thousand. 37 thousand passengers were transported on international airlines, almost 10 thousand on domestic airlines. Last year, these figures were 18.5 and 5 thousand respectively.
"We should also note that in 2018 the level of passenger traffic was significantly affected by the repair of the runway, which lasted from May 26 to June 14," noted in the Zaporozhye airport. Earlier, it was repoted that 50 thousand people used the airport in May. This is 40% more than in May 2018.