International Exhibition of Equipment, Special Machinery and Technologies for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals
October 2019 • Kyiv • Ukraine

Mining sector

Ukraine extracts natural gas, coal, oil, iron, uranium, manganese and ilmenite ore, zircon, kaolin (and clay), as well as graphite, salt, facing and building stone, non-metallic raw materials for metallurgy, mineral water, and precious and non-ferrous metals.

Ukraine’s main competitive advantage is its natural accumulation of mineral wealth, which, when properly developed, can provide prosperity for the country (and companies). Scientists suggest that there are around 20,000 deposits and ore-manifestations in Ukraine, containing around a hundred different types of mineral resources. “The commercial value of the mineral resource base is estimated at around 200,000 USD per person.” Of the entire volume and variety of minerals, 7,800 sites are developed and just 3,000 of them (45% of total resources) are producing.



In Ukraine, there are 80 deposits of raw iron ore (30 of them are in operation). They produce more than 32 billion tonnes of ore. Globally, this is 6% (and over 10% of global extraction).


Overall, 20% of global titanium reserves and resources are concentrated in Ukraine, where there are 2 deposits that are unique in terms of minerals, 12 large and 10 average-sized.